Andrea, Ben & Amelia

We promise to be silly, dance, giggle, and wiggle with your child!

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We have been inseparable since we first met in 2010, playing ultimate frisbee in Virginia. We loved each other’s sense of humor and competitiveness.
Married in 2015, we moved to North Carolina a few months later with plans to start a family.

Amelia, our biological daughter, was born in 2017. We started trying for a second child soon after but it just wasn’t working for us, so we decided to adopt and haven’t looked back since! We are so excited to have the opportunity to provide your child with a loving family, and a big sister who will call them “my baby”.

Our Lifestyle

• We are crafty – Andrea loves art projects and making home decor, Ben enjoys woodworking in the garage, Amelia likes writing notes and building castles for her stuffed animals.
• We love the outdoors – gardening, hiking, biking, running, soccer, swimming, frisbee, blowing bubbles – there’s so much to do!
• We’re all about science and exploration – we always look for an opportunity for Amelia to find inspiration in the world, whether spotting cool new bugs and animals, or learning why bread dough rises.
• With Andrea being a stay at home parent, and Ben working from home – Amelia and
the sibling we hope to add to our family through adoption would get plenty of quality time with Mom and Dad!

Meet Andrea

Andrea is a stay at home parent, but would rather be outside experiencing life with Amelia – gardening, playing, or walking through the neighborhood.

• She has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education, and worked as a teacher’s assistant until Amelia was born, when she made the transition to full-time parent.

• Andrea will use her teaching and parenting experience to recognize your child’s true potential!

Meet Ben

Ben always wants to figure things out for himself. Baking, roasting coffee, woodworking, music, fixing things around the house – the list goes on.

• He loves teaching Amelia the DIY mentality, showing her how things work, how to cook, play music, find joy in nature, build her own playspace, use tools, and learn new skills, and can’t wait to do it again with a new little one.

• He has a college degree in computer engineering, currently works in IT, and is lucky to get to work from home full time.

• Ben enjoys being active and walks, jogs or bikes most mornings.

Meet Amelia

• Amelia is in kindergarten and loves going to school, her teacher, and classmates. Making new friends comes easily because of her happy, energetic personality.

• She has love in her heart and her joy is truly infectious!

• Amelia can’t wait to play peek-a-boo, read to, and cuddle with her new brother or sister!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

• Our home is in a quiet suburban area, at the end of a cul de sac. The boys down the street have become almost family and we play together daily. We are close to a park, bike trail, and new elementary school, all accessible by foot, bike, or scooter.

• Our yard and gardens are all DIYed and they are a source of joy and relaxation. Our home is comfortable and colorful, and we have plenty of space for your child, with lots of toys, books, and dirt for them to get into.

Amelia loves riding her bike and playing with her buddies in our safe, friendly cul de sac.

Our cul de sac is a safe place for all the neighborhood kids to play!

Amelia enjoying the pool with friends from the neighborhood.

Our Families

Andrea’s mother, Annie, is from Uruguay, and the Spanish language is an important part of their heritage. Andrea lived in Uruguay for over a year to get to know her family while improving her Spanish language skills! Her mother and Andrea’s brother, Ash, live in Virginia and we take turns visiting as much as we can. Annie is an involved grandparent – she loves to get out the paint and let Amelia get messy, or have her help around the garden!

Both Andrea’s and Ben’s families get together for major holidays. We cook big meals, listen to music, dance, and play in the leaves or snow. Ben’s mom, Charlotte, and sister, Eliza, recently moved to Ohio, so we see them less frequently than we’d like, but keep up regularly by phone and text.

Our family has a decades-long family tradition of renting a cabin in the Shenandoah mountains to share beautiful views, long hikes, and s’mores!

Amelia and Grandma painting – Grandma can’t wait for another grandchild to love and have fun with!

All dressed up for Halloween trick or treating.

We love family get togethers for the holidays.

We will provide a caring and nurturing home, full of color and surrounded by nature. Your child will be embraced by loving people who will offer lifelong support and encouragement and will love them for who they are no matter what.

Thank You!

As parents we promise to serve life up with a heavy dose of humor. We will keep things fun and interesting while instilling values of friendship, community, and equality. Thank you so much for taking a peek at our family; we would love to meet you and get to know each other.

Ben & Andrea

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